FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Read carefully these questions and you will have no problems.

How to load the rom?

Firts of all you have to expand your partition, so launch 'raspi-config' and select expand_rootfs. To load the rom just connect via a tool such as winscp to the raspberry. Roms are then copied into the respective folders at /home/pi/RetroPie/roms. The next time emulationstation starts they will be displayed in the lists. Since version 2.1 you can upload them from your Windows PC, in the Network menu you will find a link to Gampi OS that will bring you in the right folder.

How to use GamePi OS?

You can start it with the "emulationstation" command. Once started you can scroll through the emulators using the right and left box, and once selected the rom press enter. During the game to return to the selection screen just press ctrl + c. You can change some settings with the command 'emulation-config'.

Special instruction for MAME and NEOGEO

Neogeo and Mame use some different keys. The most important thing is tat you have to press ESC for exiting the game. With MAME you can configure keyboard and joypad input by pressing 'TAB' while you are playng. The installed Mame support version 0.37b5 roms, you have to download them, other roms doesn't work. Neogeo also support only a type of roms, but there isn't a version, you have to try them. You can find some roms in the Reoms section.

Why games are slow?

GamePi comes with cpu, gpu and ram already overclocked and set properly. If you notice lag try increasing the overclocking with the command 'raspi-config'. The turbo mode is not recommended, I found a great instability with this. Another reason could be the roms, try to download them from another source or download some of those tested.

Can i use a joypad?

Of course!! From release 2.0, joypad is supported. Just stick it to usb, and run the command 'emulation-config '. From there you can configure the joypad pressing the required button. With Neogeo there are some problem, you can use the joypad but you always need a keyboard for stop the emulation, while with other games you can press Start + Select. You can find an example HERE. This setting are only for internal game. The setting for the use of emulationstation will be prompted automatically when starting up the command 'emulationstation'. In the 'emulation-config' menu you will find two option for resetting or reconfigure the joypad.

I've installed GamePi OS, but when I launch emulationstation something goes wrong.

Make sure you have loaded the rom, and make sure they are working, or download some rom from our tested list. Without the rom emulator does not start and you will receive an error.

Eih buddy!

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