GamePi OS - Download

GamePi OS is an operating system based on Raspbian, with many emulators already pre-installed, ready to play. In particular RetroPie software is installed, you can find it here. For the frontend I installed emulationstation, and you can download it from here. So you can compile this software on your own, or you can download these img already compiled and configured.

User: pi Password: gamepi

GamePi OS 3.0 Download

-Atari 2600 Emulator-
-NEOGEO Emulator-
-MAME Emulator (0.37b5 roms)-
-New Graphics-
-Minor fix-

GamePi OS 2.1 Download

-New Rom loading system from Windows-

GamePi OS 2.0 Download

-Support for USB Joypad-
-Halfed the size of the download-

GamePi OS 1.1 Download

-Kernel Panic bug solved-
-Screen Standby disabled-

GamePi OS 1.0 Download - Removed

-NES Emulator-
-SNES Emulator-
-GameBoy Color Emulator-

Eih buddy!

I already know that you will say that I do not pay the hosting, but a donation would be great, or to test a Model A or a Xbox controller. So if you do not have money to donate help me by recommending the site to friends, and clicking on the ads, you spend 5 minutes a day, but for me it can make a difference.